Connecting teams wherever they’re working

Businesses and service organisations, like yours, with staff out on-site calls, visiting satellite offices and working from home, currently communicate through a variety of devices, on often unsecured networks and without the efficiency of leadership and control.

Ensuring your staff are always securely connected is vital to maintain efficiency.

  • Ultra-fast internet connectivity in the office
  • Secure 4/5G connections, with plenty of data allowance, using mobile devices when out and about
  • Secure connectivity when working from home or on a client site

All are vital if you want to maintain efficiency and network security.

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In your


When you’re in your office, you have to think about quality and quantity. With many of your team in your office at the same time, you need to consider just how many devices are connected concurrently:

  • Desktops and laptops
  • VoIP phones and mobiles
  • Printers and other devices

All are using bandwidth and have to be considered when determining the right connection for your office.

How are people working?

  • All over WiFi?
  • Hotdesking or fixed locations
  • Dedicated meeting rooms or casual areas to gather and talk?
  • How often do you have guests in the office who need to connect?

Edison will help you identify the right connectivity for both now and into the future to ensure your team can work effectively.


from home

With many of your team still working from home, are you confident they have the connectivity and security they need to work productively and securely?

Some of your team may have dedicated office space in their homes; maybe even a wired internet connection to the office, but most will be on the WiFi, sitting at the dining table and competing with the rest of the family for internet bandwidth.

  • How are they connecting to your network?
  • Are video calls a big part of their role?

If working from home is going to be a big part of your future plans, Edison will help you give your teams the connectivity and security they need.



Whether it is working from home, on client sites or on the road, you want your staff to be constantly connected and able to work effectively.

Connecting to public WiFi is an option, but rarely the most secure. It often leads to increase in spam for your team too, as they swap their email address for internet access.

Let Edison help you develop a complete connectivity solution for your business.

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